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Original Teen Moms update

Original MTV Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham
Photo by Michael Buckner

MTV originally aired three Teen Mom Specials on February 23, 2014 called Being Catelynn, Being Amber, and Being Farrah.

Catelynn's fiancée, Tyler, gave Catelynn mixed signals. Although Tyler told Catelynn he wanted to be with her, he was afraid to get married. Catelynn and Tyler placed their daughter with her adoptive parents.

Amber received her GED while she was in prison. After serving time for 17 months, she moved in with her grandparents and stared spending time with her daughter, Leah. Amber was upset when she found out her ex-fiancé, Gary, was dating another woman. However, Amber didn't want her feelings to stop her from achieving her goals.

Farah has had plastic surgery. She admited that she hasn't always made the best decisions. Whether people agree with her career choices or not, she is determined to continue doing what she can to financially support herself and her daughter, Sophia.

In St. Paul, new episodes of Teen Mom 2 starring Jenelle, Kailyn, Chelsea, and Leah can currently be seen Tuesdays at 9:00 p.m. on MTV. For more information, visit

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