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Original NYC Housewife, Ramona Singer talks personal growth & season 6 of RHONY

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Last Tuesday, “The Real Housewives of New York City” returned with 1.3 million viewers, and it was clear that viewers are ready for some more Turtle Time. Original New York housewife, Ramona Singer came back after a long break from season 5, and gasped when Ramona met with Aviva for a shot of tequila! had the opportunity to chat with Ramona as she talked forgiveness, getting her daughter, Avery prepared for college, and being the voice of reason this season. Ramona still proves to be busy, between her Tru Renewal skincare line and her True Faith Jewelry collection. In addition, she is still able to have Turtle Time all the time with her Ramona Pinot Grigio and Ramona Red. One thing still hasn't changed with Ramona, what you see is what you get! Read the full interview with Ramona and watch "The Real Housewives of New York City" tonight for a brand new episode only on Bravo at 9:00 p.m. ET.

Examiner: How are you doing?

Ramona Singer: “I am doing really well.”

Examiner: What can viewers expect as this season continues that is different from past seasons?

Ramona Singer: “I am the voice of reason this season! I've matured a lot, and people are going to see a different side of me, and not to say that I’m not spunky, I still have my “turtle time” with my Ramona Pinot Grigio for sure!”

Examiner: Was it easier to embrace Kristen this season as opposed to welcoming three new girls at once?

Ramona Singer: “Absolutely! I think that one of the reasons why I didn't enjoy filming the show so much in season 5 was because it was three new faces to get used to, and it took the viewers a while to get used to them as well. To incorporate one person into a group of six is much easier to do as opposed to bringing in three new people into the group.”

Examiner: How do you think viewers are going to embrace Kristen as this season continues?

Ramona Singer: “First of all, she’s gorgeous to look at! I really became a mentor to her, and really all the women. I encouraged Kristen to show herself, and not be afraid to be true to her, and I think that viewers will see that.”

Examiner: How would you describe you and Sonja’s relationship?

Ramona Singer: “We’re like sisters, we fight like cats and dogs, and we love each other to the death. We have disagreements that get really heated sometimes, but when it’s over, we’re over it and we move on. We’re like an old married couple (laughs).”

Examiner: Were Aviva’s efforts to get your forgiveness genuine to you?

Ramona Singer: “There are two sides to Aviva, she knows how to make herself liked. She knows how to charm the pants off of you, woman or a man (laughs). I get that forgiveness is very important, but sometimes just because I forgive, doesn't mean that I can accept you as a person in my life. You can forgive them, and while you do that, you may have to change your relationship with them.”

Examiner: What can viewers expect from LuAnn this season?

Ramona Singer: “I think that LuAnn this season is better than ever, I think that she shows a side of her that the viewers are going to adore and like. She’s more down to earth, and she was missing in the first couple of episodes, but she filmed a lot and I think that this is her best season ever.”

Examiner: You and LuAnn are the only original NY Housewives, how does that feel?

Ramona Singer: “I’m the only original one, they don’t consider her to be an original, because she is no longer a housewife…they took away her title.”

Examiner: Using three adjectives, how would you describe the rest of this season?

Ramona Singer: “Feisty…addicting…and, riveting.”

Examiner: How was it to film during the summer this season?

Ramona Singer: “It makes it a lot easier when we have to travel that’s for sure. I like filming no matter what season we film, but I think viewers will like it more, because we did film during the warmer months.”

Examiner: What can viewers expect from you this season?

Ramona Singer: “There’s a side of me that gets really soft and tender with Avery, she’s off to college now, and there’s a lot that I’m doing to get her ready for prom and ultimately getting her ready to send her off to college. It’s very emotional for me to have Avery leaving for school, and I think a lot of the viewers will be able to relate to that. Viewers will also see me combine business with pleasure; we have the True Faith Jewelry line and I hosted a surprise birthday party for Mario, while at the same time promoting some of our pieces from True Faith Jewelry during Fashion Week.”

Examiner: What mistakes do you think you made last season?

Ramona Singer: “I was very happy the way I was in season 5, I was very true to me. I normally walk away when people are yelling at me, and the one time I did stay was when Aviva verbally abused me at the tea, I couldn't even believe I stayed there that long.”

Examiner: Who did you really connect with while filming this season?

Ramona Singer: “Carole and Heather…Carole for sure, we made a bond last season, and I know we are very different; she’s Ms. Downtown and I’m Ms. Upper East Side. Heather and I have developed a nice friendship as well.”

Examiner: Lastly, what do you think is really going to surprise viewers this season?

Ramona Singer: “I think our diversity and how we really connect; I think that we are really good entertainment. We all have so many unique interests, and I think that viewers are going to be enthralled with the whole season.”