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Oriental Pearl 'sums' up the best in Asian cuisiine

The best dim sum in the Atlanta metro area.
The best dim sum in the Atlanta metro area.
Robert J. Nebel

I was famished. After attending a meeting on the United States Census at a nearby community hall, I was tantalized by the sweet smells emanating from a nearby restaurant. As I approached, I couldn't help but notice the masses that were in the eatery a few hours ago when I arrived at the meeting, were no longer present. It was a bright early afternoon at the corner of New Peachtree Road and Chamblee-Dunwoody Road in Chamblee and the restaurant looked like it emptied out. Perhaps they were taking a long break before dinner, I thought. I went through the front doors and was quickly greeted.

"We still have dim sum going," the hostess announced.

"Great, I love it and I haven't had it in ages," I replied.

It's true. I did a Dim Sum Morning with a large group of aficionados over 15 years ago in the same area in Chamblee.

When I sat down, the carts started coming with barbeque pork buns, egg custard tarts, shrimp and pork dumplings, Chinese broccoli, shu mai, duck plates and spare ribs. The problem here is that I couldn't stop and the staff knows it so I'm quite a sucker for such feasts -- not that there's much wrong with that. The final bill didn't set me back much and to be honest, it's worth every penny.

Still, I recommend attending these "Dim Sum Sessions" in large groups. This way, everyone may pass around plates and share which makes the experience even more fun.

Arriving in the early afternoon at Oriental Pearl is a good strategy since the crowds are typically gone -- which means that the pressure on the staff is reduced and that translates into a relaxed atmosphere.

Oriental Pearl is located at:

5399 New Peachtree Rd
Chamblee, GA 30341



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