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Organizing Your DIY Projects 101


With so many good sources for tips and information it can be hard to remember exactly which magazine or newspaper they were in. 

Maybe there is just one good article in this month's home improvement magazine.  Then there is that newspaper story about siding and that instruction booklet with the new thermostat.  Possibly there is an article on a home improvement web site.


Consider purchasing a 3" or 4" plastic binder, some page dividers and some non-glare page protectors.  Make dividers for home, yard/garden and garage (or whatever is your interest).  When a worthwhile article is found remove it from the magazine or newspaper and insert into a page protector in your binder, no need to punch holes, which always tear.

This will provide a place to store all those booklets that come with power tools, smoke detectors, etc.  Now they can be quickly found when needed.

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