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Organizing for America, from Obama's campaign to health care reform

Organizing for America is the very organization that campaigned for the President during his run in 2008 which was attributed in large part for bringing out record amounts of voters, especially demographic categories that traditionally have exceptionally low turnouts. As the President pushes forward to keep his campaign promises, he's enlisted the help of the same group that surged him past the finish line in 2008.

As a group here in Phoenix gathered at the Democratic headquarters downtown late Monday morning, the meeting got under way and the participants quieted down. The meeting started off by thanking the 15 or so people who had come from all over the valley to take part in this meeting and event. The speaker began by outlining the facts of the House bill passing with a 220-215 vote last Saturday. The plan was to split into districts and place calls to registered Democrats around the valley.

The objective of these calls were split into a few simple segments. First was to ask if the person was available. Once reached the caller was to introduce themselves by name and as a volunteer with President Obama's group Organizing for America and ask how the caller was doing today.

Once the initial pleasantries were finished, the caller jumped right to the point explaining that, as you may already know, the House of Representatives passed a health insurance reform bill with a public option. In District 5 our Representative Harry Mitchell supported this bill and we we're wondering if you'd mind taking a few minutes out of your day to call and thank Mr. Mitchell for his vote? The number for his local office was given and the volunteer reminded them that there is still one more vote that the House must take part in and encourage Mr. Mitchell to continue his support of the bill.

The volunteer then informed the constituent that neither Sen. McCain nor Sen. Kyl support the bill and that it is extremely important to let them know that Arizonans will not stand quietly by if they vote against health insurance reform. They were then given both senators numbers and informed that the senate debate may start as soon as tomorrow, meaning that it cold go to a vote with little or no warning to the public.

Because it is extremely important to call senators in the days leading up to a vote, the constituents were then asked if they'd mind being called upon on short notice to possibly join OFA for a couple hours of phone banking, data entry, or door knocking to help take Democrats past the finish line on presumably very short notice.

For anybody interested in volunteering to do your part in bringing the change this country so desperately needs feel free to contact OFA and fill out a short questionnaire about your interests and level of participation.

"This victory alone is not the change we seek. It is only the chance for us to make that change."
                                                      - President-elect Barack Obama, November 4th, 2008

In 2008, millions of Americans joined the political process - many for the first time - to fight for a new kind of politics.

Through one grassroots movement, built from the bottom up, millions of voices called for change and elected President Barack Obama. They proved that ordinary people, together, can achieve extraordinary things.

Those voices enabled a new beginning. But now it's time to make that promise of change a reality.

Through Organizing for America, Americans across the country will continue to organize in their communities and stand with President Obama to bring about a new era of security and prosperity.

The challenges we face can't be solved by one person alone. We need you to get involved.

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  • Wonky1 5 years ago

    Thanks for the article Aaron. I will make that call!!! Keep on keeping us informed!!!

  • Redd 5 years ago

    I will be calling Kyl and McCain, to thank them for saving us from this ill thought out, costly and just plain BAD legislation. Thank God, it appears that level heads will prevail in the Senate!