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Organizing Basics

Nothing makes the home look as unappealing as clutter.  Whether it is too much stuff everywhere or stuff just not put away, it becomes a problem not overnight but gradually. But how does one get rid of clutter? 

First look around and find things that have a place but are not put away.  Take care of that.  Next pick a room.  Start by sorting three piles--keep, discard, maybe.  For the keep pile find a place to neatly put these things away; put the discard in your car to donate if these items are usable, throw away if not.  For the maybe pile set aside for a few days then reevaluate.

Do this for each cluttered room.  Take a couple of days per room.  Don't rush through. 

When cleaning closets use this same procedure, but usually each closet must be decluttered three times before it is really clean.  Go through the closet, wait a week or so, go through again.  Again wait a couple of weeks and reevaluate. 

Tips for organizing:

1. schedule regular closet cleaning

2. if the item has not been used in 6 months consider it not necessary

3. if you have not worn it in 12 months you most likely will not wear it--don't keep clothes that are big or small or keep things that are out of style

4. if you have small children regularly go through toys and discard broken ones or those that have pieces missing

A decluttered home is easier to keep clean and a more relaxing place to be.


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