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Organizing 101

You need to teach your home school kids and teens to manage their time and get organized. You need to look at tools to make your day more efficient. You can let them learn about tools like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3+Gear. This makes your watch and cell communicate. You have more tools at your fingertips. From Touchless Voice Memos to Memographer that takes pics from your watch. You can make calls from the watch. This is a very efficient tool to have if you want to be more organized.

You can get your teens reading useful online tips from The Clutter Diet blog.

Check it out at : . You can watch video tips and try those things at your home to get more organized with your teens. Check out a video at : .

There are many things to look at to become more organized and use efficient time daily. You can also use the tools of Google such as Google online calendar. Check it out at : .

You can get books on being organized at the Wilkes Public Library.

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