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Organizing 101: How to organize your baby's room

Only have 2-3 piles at a time.
Only have 2-3 piles at a time.
Tahnia Besaw

The word “organization” makes most people cringe . It’s hard enough to keep your belongings in order, now you have a little one to care for. Here is a two pile sort method on how to organize your baby’s room.

(Note: Using large bins or boxes to keep everything apart or to transfer will be helpful.)

1. Start two piles: trash/other and laundry. Put all laundry in a basket or laundry room. Then collect all trash from diapers to gift wrap, and throw it away. Doing these two steps alone can get rid of almost 50% of clutter. Paperwork, dishes, etc., should be put where they belong.

2. The next two piles should be: keeping and giving away. Separate everything from clothes to toys into their proper pile. Set your giving away box into your car or by the door. Put a post on Craigslist or find a store like Once Upon A Child to exchange them for more useful items. Your remaining belongings can go to a local charity of your choice.

(Time saver tip: Keep all clothing/apparel/blankets and toys/books/miscellaneous separate. You should have two boxes for both the keeping pile and the giving away.)

3. Start with your clothing/apparel/blankets box that you kept, and sort into: things that are used now and things that will be used later. Put your box that will be used when your child is older in an accessible place. 

(Time saver tip: Keep an empty box for items that get too small or you want to get rid of. This helps step #2 from being such a chore.)

4. Your final step is to put your remaining piles away. They should be small enough to find the proper place for them without being stressed. Do one pile at a time.

You can tweak this system to fit your needs, but try to stay with two to four piles at a time. Research suggests that the “working memory” part of our brain can process up to four items at once (1). Looking at a messy room, and trying to find an individual place for dozens of items can overwhelm our mind. Thus, a mother’s sanity can be achieved by breaking down any project into two to four steps at a time.

(1) Mind's Limit Found: 4 Things at Once
By Clara Moskowitz, LiveScience Staff Writer

For more Information:  How does Once Upon A Child work?

Local Charities (ask  if they will pick up items for you)

The Center for Women and Families
Salvation Army
Home of the Innocents
Ronald McDonald House
St. Joseph Children's Home
Family & Children’s Place

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