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Organized chaos and the frailty of man

We all have heard the saying that justice is blind. It is not that justice doesn't see the difference between right and wrong, it merely does not take sides on any particular issue. Facts speak for themselves and verdicts depend on the accuracy of evidence to support any case subject to the laws of man. However, when I learned it is illegal in Chicago to fish from a giraffe's neck I had a revelation.

How are we, as citizens of a nation built on freedom of religion, born with unalienable rights such as the freedom of the pursuit of happiness, to live our lives to the best of our abilities when instead of positive change we are subjected to the ridiculous laws of some flesh and blood body of people no more special than ourselves? Through experience we must take it upon ourselves to distinguish the differences between right and wrong, learn the appropriate behaviors so as to exist harmoniously with our brethren and perpetuate these morals and ethics to the generations that precede us. We are responsible for the continued success of humanity but how can we ever achieve this when instead of creating chances for growth and learning we limit ourselves merely for the sake of control through meaningless laws?

In Chicago it is  illegal to protest naked unless under the age of 17. I believe it may very well be common sense that dictates one does not go out into public in naught but their birthday suit for all the world to ogle. However, someone felt it necessary to set in law with detail when it is not appropriate for people to engage in specific naked activities. What then can be said of common sense?

Justice is born of fairness, balance, harmony and equity. It is righteous and virtuous in nature, taking no sides and hearing all facts before jumping to conclusions. It is honorable in it's great intentions to help harbor good will among men. It requires a firm character, one who will not bend to the will of the masses when times are most desperately in need of mediation.

Justice creates results, both good and bad, but those results are fair and just. There is a true sense of equilibrium when all sides have the chance to present all manner of evidence and fact to help make their case strong in the eyes of the law. Temptation, however, when faced with the fervor of media hounds and popular opinion of the masses, can be strong. When we hear of cases where murderers go free based on a lack of evidence we may feel justice did not win. It is the obligation of the court to hear each case to it's completion, take in all manner of information and create a decision based on the facts. When facts are lacking there is no definitive proof to the guilt or innocence other than ideas but ideas are not concrete things.

We must be objective and see the world in a detached view so we do not apply our passion to our duty to create order of chaos. Passion is blinding and justice must keep both eyes open. True justice is fair and gives all equal opportunity to be treated as innocent until proven guilty. While at times we may be convinced of a persons' crime, unless we ourselves were present at the time the crime was committed, we do not truly know all the facts. To be fair, the process of order in law must present equal chance for all who enter into it's doors.

When we apply intolerance to the process of justice we close our minds to potential facts we do not immediately accept. This prevents fairness from impacting true and much needed influence to the world. We are a nation built on the principles of fair and equal treatment for all for what we endure here on earth among man is merely superficial and can so easily change.

The world is wrapped in red tape and bureaucracies control the tides of time. One voice speaks loudest when their cry is for justice but first they must reach the soapbox of their convictions to rise above the raging storm of  all that is wrong with the world.

When we realize we are all equal, we all bleed red and we all will one day die we come to understand that man is not perfect and all are subject to making mistakes. Working together in an organized manner to control the order of society so as to encourage compassion and cooperation, we must all find the nature of right and wrong. What roll does opinion have in the process of justice when opinions can change?

Open the mind and the heart will follow. Acceptance, tolerance and patience with a world full of different ideas and concepts of right and wrong, with diverse faiths and creeds, and a melting pot of culture and beauty  will help to bring the changes we so wish to see. This change will never take place if we refuse to acknowledge people need structure to believe in and order to have faith in.

When we are faced with laws stating it is illegal to eat in a place that is burning what can ever be said about the justice that failed to prevent that fire?


  • Jael 5 years ago

    such concepts such as innocent till proven guilty is a more modern concept and it is more common to see a guilty until proven innocent in places outside of the US