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Organize your scrapbook supplies: Where to begin.

Do you have pens, scissors and papers that have no place? Do you find when you sit down to create you don’t know where to start? Perhaps you need some supply organization. Below are a few organization steps that could help you start to create in no time.

Paper organization: In order to best organize your paper, first put it in colour categories. Ensure that all of your like colours are together. That way you easily spot the perfect paper for the special project. An inexpensive way to store your paper is in study cardboard magazine holders. They give you a great view of all your papers at a glance. If you have purchased paper packs keep those papers together in the magazine holder.

Ribbon organization: Often ribbon is one of the most frustrating supply items to organize. Some simple storage and organization solutions would be to use a rain gutter cut to the length you need. Rain gutters can be attached to the wall or left on a desk. Another idea would be to use a dowel and some hook screws. Ensure the screws reach far enough away from the wall that the ribbon will fit in and turn. CD holders that have adjustable shelves would work brilliantly. You set the back shelves lower than the front so the ribbon rests on the back. To keep the ribbon from straying all over the place you may want to put a mini glue dot on the end to hold it in place.

Work space: Having an organized workspace really enhances your time management. Keeping the tools that you use the most often close to you can help make creating easier. If you have a pen holder you can keep your scissors, writing pens, ruler and hole punch right next to you. Another tool that you will want to have close at hand is your paper trimmer.

These easy tips will help get you on your way to having your supplies organized as well as creating on a well laid out work area.


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