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Organize your networking to find a job

Networking can help you secure a job sooner than later.
Networking can help you secure a job sooner than later.
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Looking for a new job is never an easy task but now you may feel it is an impossible task. Looking for a job is more than just doing a search. You must also network. Networking can be a simple process for you to meet new people, share your skills, gather job leads, and help friends with their job search as well. Networking can be a very effective tool in the job searching process if done correctly. In order to network correctly, you must be ORGANIZED!

As you network, your contacts will grow. As you contact more and more people, the information you collect will increase rapidly. You will regularly be collecting names, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, addresses, company names, twitter names, etc. In order to stay organized it is important you write down this information as you get it. Don’t rely on your memory – if you do, you could miss out on your next job! Write the information down in an organized fashion. Consider carrying with you blank business cards with a place to write a person’s contact information in a uniform manner. If a person gives you a business card, consider writing the date and something to remember them by (i.e. where you met them, what you have in common, etc.) on the back of the card.

Keep all of your contacts in the same place so you can frequently use this list or collection of cards. You should use this list to follow up with people you meet on a regular basis. Do not be shy, embarrassed or ashamed you are looking for a job. St. Louis County, MO has an unemployment rate as of 8.6% as of May 2010, so you can rest assure you are not alone. In fact, most employed individuals want to help the unemployed. Networking is a great way to help and to seek out the next perfect job! Keep your contacts organized and networking will be a successful part of your job search!

Here are some ways to get stared networking in St. Louis:

  • Check out – search by your zip code and use the search term ‘networking’ or your area of expertise such as ‘accounting’
  • Get involved in your child’s Parent/Teacher Association at school
  • Volunteer at your church
  • Coach your child’s sports teams
  • Join a club or team with similar interests (i.e. bowling team, chess club, running club, etc.)

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