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Organize your garden now for Spring

Plant your bulbs now to enjoy flowers in the spring.
Plant your bulbs now to enjoy flowers in the spring.
T. FInnigin

Just because summer is over and the nights are getting cooler doesn’t mean that you have to stop gardening. The garden fun doesn’t have to end. Now is the time to plant bulbs that will bloom next spring. To me, bulbs are almost magical, you plant them now and then months later without doing any work you get gorgeous spring flowers just when you need them. Just when cabin fever has set in and you’re itching to get outside and enjoy spring…up comes beautiful tulips or daffodils. When you buy the bulbs follow the instructions on the packaging for planting. It’s most important that you get the bulbs in the ground before the first freeze.

Since bulbs, as I mentioned are “magical”, we often come spring forget where we planted them. So plan accordingly – put taller flowers in the back and shorter flowers in the front of your garden. Use a plant marker to help you remember where you buried the bulbs and to eliminate the surprises in the spring…unless of course you enjoy the magic of the surprise! Well, it’s also no surprise that I’m not an expert when it comes to gardening or planting bulbs but here are a few resources for you before you start your fall dig:

Good Housekeeping Guide to Planting Bulbs
Gardening at

Happy planting…I look forward to seeing your flowers next spring!

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