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Organize your finances


 Like many of you, I’m taking more interest in how I spend my money. I’m becoming more aware of the day to day spending and found a wonderful way to organize my finances.
I recently downloaded the software Quicken as a way to organize my bills and also a way to better understand how I spend my money. I’ve been able to download my bank account information and with a few clicks get a graph detailing where my money is going. I was shocked to see just how much we spend every month on take out. This allowed me to pay more attention to organizing our weekly meals. Now I plan to begin cooking more. Even though I’m not too fond of cooking, I’m less fond of spending so much money on take out.
This program also allows for you to setup recurring expenses and income entries along with reminders to avoid late fees. For an additional cost the program will even allow you to make online payments to your accounts keeping you in total control. Our national economy is for the most part out of our control, but we can take charge of our own spending and financial decisions.

Happy organizing!!




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Check out their website, there is even a free online version. 


  • Day 5 years ago

    The graphs really help you see just how much money you are spending and where. A real eye opener. I love it!

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