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Organize your closet with spring-cleaning tips from Jill Martin on QVC

On Friday, March 21, at 10 a.m. QVC is scheduled to broadcast “Jill Martin’s Minute Closet Makeover,” when the fashion authority will unveil her newest pieces from Jill by Jill Martin to help you stay organized as you spring clean. The New York Times Best-Selling author and Emmy Award-winning TV personality gave the Women’s Style Examiner an exclusive interview on Wednesday and provided a few closet organizing tips for those who share closet space and need advice when packing up winter clothes.

On Friday, March 21, at 10 a.m. QVC is scheduled to broadcast “Jill Martin’s Minute Closet Makeover,” when the fashion authority will unveil her newest pieces from Jill by Jill Martin.
Jill Martin/QVC
Jill Martin helps you organize your closet this Friday, March 21, on QVC.
Jill Martin/QVC

While some women cherish spring-cleaning, others deplore it. Jill Martin is here to help. With more than 15 years of experience, the “self-proclaimed organizational queen” has created fashionable and functional items to help organize your closet. She’ll appear along with the complete Jill Martin collection; available while supplies last, on QVC this coming Friday morning. But first, Jill answered a few questions to give readers of the Women’s Style Examiner a head start with spring-cleaning.

Women’s Style Examiner: How long have you been involved in closet organizing and creating the accessories to condense one's belongings into a tiny space?

Jill Martin: I have always been a self-proclaimed organizational queen. My mother used to tell me I would organize my toys in my little bin until my eyes closed. Today, I have taken it to a new level. From my dorm room at the University of Michigan, to my apartment in Manhattan, I have always had to deal with a lot of stuff in a small space. The items in my line for QVC allow women with a lot of jewelry and accessories to SEE everything they have. My rule: If you don't SEE it, you are NOT going to wear it.

WSE: Do you have a background in fashion?

Jill Martin: I have been doing trend and makeover segments for 15 years. Because my training is so hands-on, I feel like I know what real women need and want. Not everyone is a size 6 with perfect features. We all have those parts of our bodies that we love and hate. I always make sure the items I feature are affordable, relatable and solution-based.

WSE: What tips do you have for couples that have to share a standard size closet?

Jill Martin: Let the battle begin! Well…sort of. I believe the ratio should be 60 - 40 percent. With that said, everyone should cleanse their closet and keep only 25 percent of what they own (before deciding who gets what space). Fact is: we only wear the jeans that make our tush look cute, the sweater that is perfectly white and the dress that isn't too big or too small. After you purge, you will see what you have and will truly be able to shop in your closet. The fashionista gets a larger percentage, but only if each item really belongs there.

WSE: When is a good time to pack up the winter clothes?

Jill Martin: This is a great question because I feel like a lot of people do it too early or too late. I don't believe in waiting until the official day of spring. If you live on the east coast, or of similar climate, start weeding out as the weather changes. Use March as your month to start the (dreaded) change over. Take your heavy clothing and start to put it away first…then go from there. As you do this, it is VERY important to put aside those items you didn't wear the entire winter. If you didn't wear it this year—you are not going to choose it next year—donate or consign them. Make room for more fab things!

WSE: When spring-cleaning, what items should be left out year round and which should get stored away until next winter?

Jill Martin: Items that should never leave your closet: Light sweaters (no wool), jeans, layering pieces, blazers, leather jacket, raincoat; statement jewelry. Items to store: heavy outerwear, wool pieces, boots, tights, and heavy cashmere.

A few of the items to be featured during “Jill Martin’s Minute Closet Makeover” include the following.

  • Jill Martin 360 Rotating Hexagonal Hanging Closet Organizer
  • Jill Martin Canvas Garment Bag with Favorite Dress Design
  • Jill Martin Set of Six Canvas Accessory Storage Bags
  • Jill Martin Set of Five Print Canvas Jewelry Bags and Sunglass Cases
  • Jill Martin Set of Two Favorite Dress Accessory Hangers
  • Jill Martin Printed Rolling Travel Duffle Bag

“Jill Martin’s Minute Closet Makeover” will air Friday, March 21, at 10 a.m. Thank you for fabulous spring-cleaning and closet-organizing tips.

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