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Organize winter blankets in late summer

You will need those blankets soon
You will need those blankets soon
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Nobody really wants to drag out blankets and comforters when it's in the 90s outside, but you know you are going to need them soon, so why not get them organized now? You need to be prepared because the weather can change drastically overnight. You won't be happy if the temperature drops and you are caught without a clean fresh blanket to snuggle in. Doing it now can also save you money if any blankets need to be replaced.

Pull all of your blankets and comforters out of the closet or tote they have been stored in. Even if you washed them all before they were put away they may smell musty. You’ll want to have plenty of time to wash them so they are nice and fresh smelling.

It's also possible that there are some blankets that need replaced due to being worn out. Maybe you even changed to a different sized bed since winter, especially if you have children. If your child went from a toddler bed to a twin or larger, you'll end up with a shortage of the right sized blankets.

Wash, organize and sort the blankets by size and condition. Late summer is a great time to wash and organize winter blankets, especially if you have an outdoor clothesline. Nothing smells better than laundry that is fresh from the clothesline.

It will also save you money by not using the dryer and heating up your house. If you must use your dryer, plan to dry the blankets in the late evening or early morning hours when there might be a chill in the house.

Now that the blankets are clean and dry, fold them and pile them up according to thickness, size and condition. Remember that when evenings are just starting to get chilly, your family will enjoy a nice soft blanket to cuddle with while watching television. Make sure those type of small blankets are easily accessible and ready.

This is also a good time to decide if some of the blankets need replaced due to wear and tear. Old blankets that are no longer suitable for your bed can be donated to animal shelters. The dogs will not care if it has worn thin or has a hole or tear in it and the volunteers will appreciate getting them.

Make a list of what blankets need to be replaced or what different sizes you need so that you can watch for sales. If you downsized from a king size to a smaller bed, you'll need smaller blankets. Did you have a child go away to college that might have taken some of their favorite blankets?

If several of the blankets are no longer usable, you'll need to replace them. This is also a great time to consider thick fluffy mattress covers for each bed to help your family stay snuggly warm. Shopping for replacement blankets in late summer will save money. Most stores will be offering sales on blankets and comforters to clear them out for new winter stock.

If you wait until you really need them, you will pay a higher price, because you won't be able to wait for a good sale. So, go ahead and start dragging blankets out now. You will be glad you did, when the weather suddenly changes and you need them to get through a chilly night.

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