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Organizational review: Personal Fitness Professional (PFP)

Organizational Review
Organizational Review
EFS, Inc.

Many business owners are looking for new ways to expand their current business model. Their number one goal: bring in new members and increase business. It can be hard to come up with new ideas on your own that could potentially lead to new revenue. Which is why Personal Fitness Professional (PFP) is around.

PFP's mission is to “provide relevant, useful information to enable fitness professionals to be successful financially through sound business practices and training expertise.” In a nutshell, PFP does what they said they would. Their website ( is full of useful information that any fitness professional could find beneficial. Interested in expanding your business but don't know where to start? PFP does. Need to know more about insurance providers for personal trainers? PFP knows. Need help building your career? Look no further than PFP. PFP is truly a one stop resource for anything that has to do with a fitness career whether you are just starting off, or have owned your own facility for several years.

Where PFP stands out however is their writing staff. Knowledgeable and relevant to the times are two ideas that come to mind when thinking of PFP's writers. Their articles just seem to always be useful in at least one way. This is one organization you would benefit from subscribing to.

For more information on Personal Fitness Professional, visit their website: