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Organizational Development Assessment

Build your organization to last
Build your organization to last
Bryan Thomas

The first thing I do when I am consulting with organizations is to empower them to see themselves as they really are. I do this by using a simple assessment tool that I developed for organizations around the world. I actually redesign the assessment for every organization with whom I work in order to focus on specific areas of need determined by their industry.

Here is a sample of the basic assessment that I use before adding additional details for specific companies and organizations. You can use it as a basic tool to assess your organization, regardless of your industry. Seeing who we really are, what we are actually doing, and where we really are is the first step in becoming who we desire to be, getting where we want to go, and accomplishing what we have purposed in our mission and vision statements.

1. Do you have a written business plan for your company?

2. Do you have all of your legal business documents completed?

3. Do you have a fully developed strategic plan for your company?

4. Do you have a written vision/mission statement for your company?

5. Do you have written defined values for your company?

6. Are the company values and mission statement understood by all of the company personnel and inculcated into the culture of the company?

7. Please describe, in your words, the corporate culture of your company?

8. Describe the company structure. Is it well developed?

9. Do you have well developed and written job descriptions for all company personnel?

10. Do you have developed and written performance reviews?

11. How often does everyone in the company undergo a performance review?

12. How well are your company systems developed and functioning? (1-10 scale /10 is excellent)

_____ Management

_____ Communications

_____ Finance & Accounting

_____ Marketing & Sales

_____ Shipping & Delivery

_____ Inventory

_____ Work Flow

_____ Training & Development

_____ HR (legal; compensation; benefits; hiring, etc)

_____ Administration

_____ Strategic Forecasting & Planning

_____ Talent Management

_____ Succession Planning

_____ Advertisement

_____ (add any other systems that you need)

13. What are the objectives and plans for your company?

►Ten Year

► Five Year

►One Year


14. List the 2010 goals for the following areas:

►Strategic Planning

►Business Planning

►People Development

- Executive

- Staff

►Process Development

15. How can the processes be improved?

16. How can the facilities be improved for greater efficiency and effectiveness?

- Front office

- Executive office

- Production/manufacturing area

- Warehouse

- IT facilities

- Other areas

17. Personnel Evaluation (list personnel) Preparation/Performance/Potential:

- Specific individuals





18. Short-term goals (example):

■ Legal Business Contract Agreements

■ Executive Group sessions

■ Mission/Vision Statement & Values

SWOT analysis (by all involved)

■ Strategic Plan

■ Product and Process Assessment & Improvement

■ Training Plan & Courses developed & delivered

■ Job Descriptions developed & performance reviews implemented

■ Facilities Improvement

Accounting System checked and improved

■ Inventory update and computerization


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