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Organization to help ease homeless mothers and children off the streets

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Atlanta’s organization, Children’s Restoration Network, continually seeks to enhance its ability to offer significant resources to homeless children and mothers, and make a demonstrable difference in the lives of these individuals by continually creating strong partnerships and attaining financial stability. The organization offers hope and support, enabling children and their mothers to break the cycle of homelessness by empowering them to become part of mainstream society as active, productive citizens through programs and special events designed to address their educational, emotional, and physical needs.

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The Children’s Restoration Network depends on people like you to assist them in their vision and mission to bring Atlanta children good education; and with good education being a major key in shattering the vicious cycle of homelessness that many children endure the group makes sure to help every possible child they possibly can- of course with your help as well. Each and every year, their “Back 2 School” Campaign provides children living in shelters and group homes with brand new book bags filled with new school supplies. Each year, the organization works with larger numbers of homeless children.

Many of the children whom it serves have been uprooted from their own communities and live in shelters or group homes that are unfamiliar to them. They start the school year at a new school without the means to purchase school supplies- let alone new supplies that they can actually benefit from. The “Back 2 School” Campaign is designed to physically prepare the children, as well as alleviate the mental stress of starting the new school year by providing them with a book bag and proper school supplies.

The Children’s Restoration Network depends on not only people like you, but companies, neighborhoods, and other various organizations willing and able to bring forth campaigns to the metro-Atlanta homeless children and families that help homeless people on the streets.

For these children, one book bag carries so much more than their supplies that’ll help them get through school, but it carries hope and faith for a better and solid future. If you want or can help then sign-up and go on the Children’s Restoration Network website to get started to help a child, a mother, and a family to get back on their feet.