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Organization pays


As a way to simplify my life I’ve decided to go on a purging mission throughout my home. This past week I began to organize all my sewing supplies. Once I organized all the fabric I own I realized that I really didn’t have enough space to keep it all. I posted the fabric remnants on CRAIGSLIST.ORG for free and sold the fabric for $25.00. Now I’ve cleared some clutter and have money to compensate my hard work. There is a whole world of items for sale there. There is even a section of FREE items needing a home. With the economy looking a bit grim lately, use your organization skills to earn money. Look all around you, that old table, the rocking chair you no longer use, the tons and tons of toys and clothing your kids are out growing. All those items could mean CASH in your pocket.
If you are the buyer and not the seller, think of buying a used piece of furniture before you run to the store to pay full price. Many of the items I’ve seen are in perfect condition but as people downsize, the items no longer fit in their new homes. There is also an organization called FREECYCLE.ORG that allows you to give the items you no longer use to people in your own area.
Organize your life, and your home while making some money in the process.

 Happy organizing!!

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  • Day Zerpa 5 years ago

    Love Craigslist! People please be careful about meeting strangers. Public places are best.