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Organic Synchronicity: How the E-Magazine 'Innovate' was born

"Innovate"is a new literary and artistic e-magazine, devoted to bringing original and thought- provoking features from established and up-and-coming authors, artists and performers.The team at "Innovate" is trying to pioneer new frontiers with enhanced media. we were lucky to meet up with K.D. Rose again and she gave us a interview with the team over at Innovate. The magazine can be found, here for "issue one" and here for "issue two" the one which hit the shelves today Feb. 24,2014

The team makes issue 2.
Creative people collaborative Innovate.
Innnovate Magazine

Grey Wolf, the originator of the idea for the magazine now called "Innovate U.S.," personally chose those who became the other five founders.

Hello "Grey Wolf," tell us, how did this all get started?

"Through serendipity I was lucky enough to be included in this group, so I recently spoke with the other five founders of "Innovate Australia," to find out what makes them, and by extension our magazine, tick. Oh, and when I say "spoke" in this day and age I mean instant messaged. And when I say "instant messaged" for one of our very busy and talented team, I might just mean looked at interviews from the past for one of them, with the approval of Grey Wolf."

So have you ever met everyone in person? I mean "Innovate" is in India.

"The six founders and backbone of "Innovate Uk," hail from four different countries: England (3), Wales (1), India (1), and the United States (1). The team consists of four males and two females. The age range spans from 18-70 and from seasoned writers to one who has just published his first book. Grey Wolf may have unwittingly picked the most diverse group possible for this endeavor. Somehow, it all works. Strengths and weaknesses match up well. The first issue has already come out and the second is on its way as I write this. We are already gathering talent for the third."

Lets get to know about your team by starting with "Grey Wolf."

"Grey Wolf: Originally Grey Wolf was one of the pirate clans in a D&D game I ran as the games master. This was pre-internet In time it became my business name and then my pen name. Grey Wolf: I said: "they are just out there hanging in the internet wind." so I found them. I also used the nice phrase "organic synchronicity. Which brought about us being here for a interview and about to release issue two."

What made you decide to start up a magazine online? What makes your magazine special?

"Grey Wolf: I was reading the biography of the great 1950s-1980s TV scriptwriter Robert Holmes and many of the quotes were from fanzines I used to know, but which all folded and don't have an internet presence. That was one thing as an inspiration."

How did you end up with a global team, as the main force behind the magazine? And how did you choose them, since you are the originator of the magazine?

"Grey Wolf: The origin of the idea was something I think Alec said about looking to collaborate maybe being a good idea, and then it kind of blossomed so that I looked for a small group of people whose writing I really liked, or in Mark's case his art. And I thought this would make a great core group because it has oomph already. It's working out well as we bounce ideas and spark creativity off each other."

You seem lucky to get the wonderful author "Herbie Brennan" for our first interview and "Brien Foerster" for our second. Do you want to discover new talent? How did you get involved with "Swaroop?"

"Grey Wolf: I just remember reading his poetry and short stories and thinking they were great, and he started talking to me so I suggested, "Why not make a book out of all his poems," and he then looked at yours and decided to work with a friend who is a photographer to do his own version of visual poetry. Swaroop has creativity just flying around him."

How did Alec and Liz come in?

"I met them when I started on Facebook as an author, bought their books and read them over the summer."

Mark is another of the six, who is the British author "Mark Fleming."

Grey Wolf found Mark, who is not only an author, but a genius at artwork. He handles the bulk of the artwork for Innovate, currently. The team's goal is to bring others in to contribute art as well.

How long have you been writing Mark?

"Mark: I have been writing for an audience since my mid-teens, although not consistently. I wrote non-fiction first and then took a break from it throughout my twenties...I began fiction writing in the mid-nineties and still have a few of my first attempts on file for future reworking."

Who are the authors that are an inspiration for your writing?

"Mark: The first author to move me, and therefore show the power of words, was Ernest Thompson Seaton, who wrote a book called ‘The Biography of a Grizzly’. He wrote the book in 1900 and my father, when a young boy, won a copy at his school. That old copy was the first full book I ever read on my own... It made me cry at the end, and it made me realize just what those squiggles of ink on a sheet of paper can achieve. Writing should move you in some manner - fear, wonder, erotic, sensual, funny."

What type of things inspire you?

"Mark: I find inspiration in dark places. Alleys, or beneath canal bridges, ancient woods, sea caves, ruins and overgrown abandoned gardens. A place needs to hit more than one sense. Its smell, sounds, temperature and even the taste of the air all add to the setting. I try to capture those sensory triggers in my writing."

We also have Elizabeth Audrey Mills here today, another great writer on the team.

What made you want to get involved in the new magazine?

"Liz: Curiosity, initially - then I caught Grey Wolf's enthusiasm. It's all part of my determination to keep trying new things."

So this collaboration was right up your alley?

"Yes, very much so. I am learning new things every day, and I love that. I hope it will become a Brand Name for e-magazines, like Biro is for pens, and Hoover is for cleaners. Aim high, that's what I say! I don't know if we can do it with such a small team. But Grey Wolf works so hard that he deserves success. Grey Wolf's writing deserves better recognition than he gets."

We see the great people Grey Wolf picked to do this with. what do you think of the team and about you being picked for this magazine?

"He put together a great team. I'm very flattered. Now, features are not really my field. I write fiction, and I'm not much good outside that field. I can fit in with short stories, maybe share an odd poem. But I couldn't contribute writer's tips (for instance) In fiction my mind wanders freely, but if I ever try to write from my life, I get bogged down.. The truth is that my characters write for me, I just follow them around tapping it all in on my keyboard."

Can you tell us your goals when writing? Are you sure there is no advice you can give to someone just getting into the writing game?

"So, why do I write? Because I love writing. Actually, I have one piece of advice for aspiring writers ... 'Do it! Don't believe that you can't. You will learn and grow from it. It's hard, but don't give up."

There will be more to come from the team in part 2 of Organic Synchronicity: How an E-Magazine was Born.

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