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Organic Schizandra gives Purest Experience

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Lucidera offers a berry extract which is extracted from the beautiful Schizandra berry which has elite ethics and standards. This product is leading the industry to a refined quality and it supports the US economy to a great extent. They ripen and grow in the organic wines and are picked by local people when it ripens fully. Then the extract is retrieved from the berries and with the help of technology and old techniques followed by the locals, a pure extract of Schizandra is fetched.

These organic berries are changed by the sunlight to make it bio available and an active extract. This offers the pure Schizandra which Lucidera can make available to you. This products gives and inner sense of beauty and balance to the human life. They offer focus and have immense healing powers which will boost the level of the energy in your body ten folds. It empowers the point of awareness and all make you more confident and lively about you. It energizes and enhances the beauty to altogether a different level. It also increases the vitality of the one's own body and mind.

What is Schizandra?
It is a plant which is used for making food and medicine and has many other hidden values. It increases the body resistance to diseases and stress and makes you more energetic and improves the performance and endurance level of the body to a great extent. It increases a person life by keeping them healthy and hearty and prevents from early aging as well. It fights other disorders like blood sugar, blood pressure, immune system recovery and many more ailments which can be cured because of this fruit. It is the most powerful fruit to fight the symptoms of hepatitis and any liver related diseases. Besides these major ailments, it also fights the day to problems of illness like common cold, cough, fever, asthma, chronic diarrhea, physical exhaustion, thirst, depression, spontaneous sweating, night sweats, irritabilityand memory loss.

Working of Schizandra
Schizandra improves the liver functionalities by stimulating proteins that will improve the bio-chemical effects in the human body and in turn promote the growth of liver cells.

Lucidera grows these berries in a very rich fertile soil which is loaded with nutrients and in processed in such a way that complete integrity is extracted from the fruit. The color of the beery is bright and vibrant along with the soothing aroma and standard methods for curing so many ailments which are beneficial with this particular extract. We offer the purest of the extracts which is not available elsewhere in the entire world. The berry products can be bought from us as we manufacture and ship the products to the people who place an offer with us. These freshly processed berries are sent in the purest form to the customers so that they can benefit maximum out of it. The product is hundred percent organic in its nature and we offer a full guarantee on the quality of the product.