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Organic paper towels: Bambooee

Paper made from bamboo in Taiwan
Paper made from bamboo in Taiwan
Photo by China Photos/Getty Images

Bambooee is a line of organic cleaning tools made out of bamboo created by Noam and Irene Krasniansky. The first product they created is a a roll of 20 "paper towels." They are made out of a rayon bamboo source, are re-washable up to 100 times and replace about 280 paper towels a year. With twenty towels per roll and up to 100 uses, the Bambooee towel roll has a lifespan of around 5 years.

With each roll purchased, the couple plants a tree in a much needed area. Bamboo plants, grown without pesticides and fertilizers, absorb 400 percent more greenhouse gases and create up to thirty five percent more oxygen than other trees. Only about seven percent of the Brazilian rainforest is still thriving. In America, 3,000 tons of paper towel waste fills a landfill daily.

Bambooee also makes sweeper sheets called Sweeps. Eight sheets of Sweeps replace 800 sweeper sheets per year. They are also re-washable.

Bambooee towels can be used to to clean anything a normal paper towel would clean. They can be washed in warm or cold water and can even be bleached. With each wash they become more absorbent. Do not use fabric softener and air drying is recommended.

Bambooee has been featured on Oprah's blog and Good Morning America, where the towels passed the " mom test."

Bambooee towels can be purchased here.

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