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'Organic Panic' heads onto Steam early access

Today May 10, 2014 indie video game studio Last Limb announced that their upcoming physics based platformer Organic Panic has been successfully voted up by the Steam Greenlight community and will be available on Steam early access May 14, 2014. We had our hands on the game at PAX East, and in a nutshell think "Worms meets Little Big Planet," except on steroids.

Organic Panic screenshots
Organic Panic screenshots
Photo courtesy of Last Limb, used with permission.
Organic Panic logo
Photo courtesy of Last Limb, used with permission.

One of the key features of Organic Panic is that users can create, upload, and download new stages with the game's level editor, which are then rated by other users and can rise or fall in the leader boards. Because this extra content is user generated, the more people playing the game and building stages, the better the game will get.

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If we go by the Infinite Monkey theorem, at least a few of these levels have to be great even if they aren't created by actual game designers, right?

Organic Panic will be launching with "50 brain burping challenging levels to play right away....with lots more to come!" We're interested in finding out just how many levels will be created by the Steam early access community before the game's final release.

Currently there's a local co-op mode to the game, however according to the early access page the studio wants to add a versus mode. Other current modes include "Swapzy, Morphy, Choosy, and Timerun." Timerun is rather obvious, however we're left scratching our heads what the other three aforementioned modes do.

To reiterate from our original preview: "With its funky characters, vibrantly colored stages, and some awesome devastation to reap, we're looking forward to playing Organic Panic for an extended period of time and you should be too."

For more information about Organic Panic you can visit and follow it on Twitter @OrganicPanic1.