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Organic, green and vegan ice cream parlor in Henderson

Atomic #7 opened this May with a full menu of organic and vegan treats.
Atomic #7 opened this May with a full menu of organic and vegan treats.

"What happened to ice cream?", the ice cream shop Atomic #7 asks on its flier.  What did happen?  Ice cream today is made with artificial flavors, coloring and additives that read like a shampoo bottle.  Atomic #7 creates ice cream from 7 different organic and vegan ingredients and you get to choose how it is flavored and mixed from even more natural ingredients to create your very own ice cream treat.   

Opened in May, this new organic and vegan ice cream parlor is a real summer treat.
Photo by Michelle Gresham, 2010

Using a resusable menu, you get to mark out and design your very own ice cream creation from their natural organic ingredients.  There are over 22 flavors you can add to your ice cream, plus over 18 chunky ingredients including organic peanut butter cup, organic fruit and vegan cookie dough.  Your creation is served in a eco friendly bowl or on a vegan cone.  The ingredients are mixed by lab coat wearing mixologists and frozen before your very eyes using nitrogen.  Getting ice cream here is down right entertaining and science geeks will be in their element. 

Atomic #7 also has puddings, smoothies, milk shakes and espresso drinks.  Their science meets nature concept is cool and it tastes great.  The concoction you create comes out frozen and delicious, like real homemade ice cream.  For more information on their products and philosophy go to

Atomic #7 is located in the shopping area by the Galleria Mall.  Get to the mall parking lot and head towards Macy's.  In the parking lot there are several businesses and Atomic #7 is at 605 Mall Ring Circle, Henderson, Nevada 89014.  Henderson is just outside of Las Vegas and it is hard to tell when you leave Las Vegas and enter Henderson.  Downtown Henderson is a nostalgic historical district that hosts several festivals and car shows a year.

If you are coming in from the Strip or Las Vegas, make the most out of your trip and visit the Galleria Mall nearby.  Combine a trip to make the most use of your fossil fuels.  The Galleria Mall is a beautiful mall and it is currently the host of a new museum display, Ends of the Earth: From Polar Bears to Penguins, presented by the future Henderson Space and Science Center scheduled to open in five years.  This special exhibition is located on the second floor of the mall, near Kohl's.  There is an admission charge, but the displays are well worth the time and effort.  The exhibition is small, but each exhibit is well done and you can easily spend an hour here entertaining the kids.  Take time to really look at each display.  The exhibits are presented professionally and the videos are done really well.  A few of the exhibits are interactive and have things the kids can do and touch.  The message of the exhibition is about global climate change and its effects on the north and south poles, in addition to other great information about the Arctic and Antarctic inhabitants and human explorers. 

The mall is a pleasant escape from the scorching heat, and what better way to spend the afternoon, learning about the coldest places on Earth and eating organic ice cream, in one of the hottest places on Earth.  A good "green" cool summer day.


  • Robin C 5 years ago

    I luv ice cream & milkshakes even more! So this sounds like a fun adventure.

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