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Organic Gardening: Never Buy Green Onions Again!

Depending on where you live or the time of the year, the cost of buying one of the most simple delights of nature, green onions, can literally make you shake your head until you have whiplash! If they are not "on sale," a simple bunch of green onions can cost you a dollar and mind you, a bunch is only around five or six. Maybe a dollar isn't much when you first think about it but, if you're as much a fan of green onions as I am, the cost over the course of a year can make a significant dent in the pocketbook.

Simple start out with a bunch or two of organic green onions. Make sure they have their roots intact.
Chef Larry Edwards/Casa de Cuisine

There is a way to avoid spending money on green onions. Never buy them! Even better, grow them organically in (not outside) your home. Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall, always have freshly harvested green onions whenever and wherever you want them. All you need is an initial bunch or two of organic green onions, a tall glass and some water. For an initial cost of maybe two dollars, you can save over fifty dollars (or more) in the course of the year.

In the slideshow, I'll take you through the motions of growing your own green onions. It is really very simple. You buy a bunch or two of organic green onions. They must have their roots intact. You do a little trimming on the top (the green portion) and plop them in a glass of water. Place the glass on a windowsill, checking the water every few days, and go about living your life without the worry of ever running out of green onions!

As you're going through your cookbooks looking for dishes to use your freshly harvested green onions, remember this simple little fact. Depending on the ethnicity of the recipe you are using, green onions are also known as "spring onions," "new onions," and "scallions."

To keep harvesting your green onions over-and-over again, only clip off the tops (green portions). This is actually where most of the flavor is and because you're growing them yourself, the green portions will always be tender. As you clip away for your dishes, you will notice they will keep on growing the rate is actually so quick, you can witness the growth each day. About once a week, remove the green onions from their water and rinse off the root portions under cold running water.

So... what are you waiting for? No dirt and no mess. A green onion farm right in your very own home!

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