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Organic flower headbands are the slayer of vampires just add garlic

Organic fashion has reached an all time high in the flower child community for a lifetime. No one can be more organic fashionably, without the use of real plant life to doll up your already styled ensemble.

Beyonce with real flowers in her hair

Live flower headbands and other live flower accessories are the best type of fashion statement. This sense of activist approach in the world of fashion, challenges all posers to stop fronting and be real with the positive waves of energy.

When you place an organic flower crown on top of your locs you immediately become aware of the gift these fresh flowers share with you. Mother nature has crowned you with her beauty and reality of the au naturale.

With this look, there is no fairy tale and no myth. The legend is real, freshly picked with aesthetic smelling aromas. Do it yourself. Its easy ! Move forward to a park or your own personal garden pick flowers and then use 100% cotton string to attach them, at the stem to your favorite metal, copper and brass wire or an organic reef headband.

This style is not limited to the money or prestige of our favorite celebrity. This is for we, the everyday people and the spirits that are ready to be free. Happy Flower Picking!

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