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Organic Farms in NH - Easy to Find!


Beautiful Veggies!

Sometimes we think that buying healthy foods for our family is overwhelming!  The New Hampshire Chapter of the Northeast Organic Farmers Association has made it easy for you by listing every farm in NH on an easy to read map.

The map shows you where you can purchase fruit, dairy, meats, vegetables, grains, flowers and even herbs!

The association even lists Pick Your Own locations and CSA (community supported agriculture) farms where you and your family can purchase a share of the harvest to ensure that you eat well all season.

The organization's mission is "to provide a common need to grow and consume safe, healthy, nutritious, great-tasting food; and a common interest in preserving a healthy enviroment that nurtures all of us."

The site also lists upcoming events across the state, workshops and discussion forums. 

In an age of industrialized farming, it's wonderful to be able to re-connect the farmer to the consumer so that both can be rewarded.  Check out the farms that interest you; pick a sunny day, put the windows down, and take your family for a ride to some beautiful farms.  Your body will love you for it!

How do I teach women the tools to live a juicy new life?


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