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Organic and local produce strong components of Salt Bistro philosophy

Zanetta Jones, resident chef at The Leonardo, started working at Salt in 2012. Salt is the café inside The Leonardo that serves up an eclectic mix of menu items.

Zanetta Jones puts her knife skills to work while Greg Hernandez toasts a pita for a hummus plate
Shad Engkilterra

“This place had so much potential,’ says Jones. “I was so excited to take it on.”

Jones looks to buy organic, local produce before purchasing ingredients from farther away. Though cost and seasons sometimes prevent the café from implementing those ideals, Jones recognizes that purchasing local means a stronger local economy and fresher produce.

“We use quite a bit of produce from our own garden,” says Jones.

Jones also says that organic is healthier, and cites comparing an organic sweet potato to a regular sweet potato in a glass of water as an example.

“An organic sweet potato will vine 10 times faster,” says Jones, because of the nutrients that it contains.

Salt participates in Bug Farms community supported agriculture program during the year with a share purchase.

Jones provides a menu that is full of food items that are made of just a few ingredients.

“The simplicity is nice,” says Joes. “You can taste what you are eating.” Rather than having a flavor that covers up all of the other flavors.

For those looking to pair an alcoholic beverage with their meal, Salt can do that.

“We are the only museum in Salt Lake City, or Utah for that matter, that has a limited serve license,” says Jones.

The Leonardo and Salt host a Leo Libations wine pairing class the first Thursday of every month.

An expected expansion with a catering kitchen in July 2014 will allow Salt to conduct cooking classes.

Click for Salt’s hours and its menu.

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