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Organic and all natural face mask

Raw honey from tap
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

For an all natural, chemical-free face mask, try this recipe:

1 egg white

1 TBS honey

1 tsp lemon juice, freshly squeezed

Egg whites contain lysozyme, an enzyme that protects against bacterial infection. It is good for the face because it kills acne-causing bacteria.

Egg whites also have proteins that repair tissue, potassium that is hydrating and moisturizing, magnesium that slows the aging process and riboflavin that kills wrinkle-causing free radicals.

Honey is extremely moisturizing. It is also antibacterial and contains antioxidants that slow the aging process. It opens pores making it easy to unclog them.

Lemon juice is antibacterial as well because of it's acidity. Lemon juice helps with discoloration including redness and removes dead skin cells.

Walker Honey Farm of Rogers, Texas recommends adding rose oil (undiluted) to honey for dry and sensitive skin. Here is an alternative recipe:

1/4 cup yogurt (with live cultures)

1 TBS honey

1/2 tsp rose oil

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