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Organ Mountains and Harley-Davidson®


Photo by Lynn Rhodes - Aguirre Springs, Orgam Mountains

I recently traveled with my friend Cuba (yes, that’s really her name and she is a born and bred Texan) for a weekend trip to Las Cruces, New Mexico to visit her son Brad, the artist, and his smart, interesting wife Beckie.

This was my first visit to Las Cruces so I was anxious to get out and about and explore this desert town. We started our day with brunch at the local country club and then headed to the historic town of Old Mesilla which was the major stop for travelers going between San Antonio and San Diego back in the day. You’ll be happy to know that it hasn’t changed much over the last 150 years. The Organ Mountains rose up out of the east and were quite spectacular. They were very different from other mountain ranges and, honestly, it looked like they would be impossible to climb because of their rugged appearance. By the way, I don’t climb mountains and did I mention that it was really hot?

On our way back to Las Cruces we stopped at the St. Clair Bistro for a wine and cheese tasting. We feasted on a tasty selection of fruit, cheeses, and crusty breads and we enjoyed a very nice selection of white wines made from locally grown grapes. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting the local wines to be that good, but they were excellent!

I have to say, the best part of the trip was hanging out in Brad and Beckie’s kitchen getting to know these two great kids other over a bottle vin rouge and fabulous cuisine. On our way back from Old Mesilla we stopped at the local market and picked up the ingredients for our favorite fare including some great steaks, and created a sumptuous feast that began with bruschetta made with fresh tomatoes picked from Brad and Beckie's organic garden. We finished off the evening at a custard shop around the corner from their house and all I can say is YUM! YUM!

At the end of the day, what more could you want from life besides great food, great wine, and great conversation with your favorite people?

Melissa’s ah-ha moments:
1. New Mexico started producing wines in 1629 and the St. Clair Vineyards produces a great selection of wines.

2. Las Cruces has a rather large art community with 40 galleries and over 200 artists – Cuba’s son, Brad, is one of them.

3. Barnett Harley-Davidson in Las Cruces has the world’s largest selection of Harley-Davidson® motorcycles.

Finally, there so much more to Las Cruses so add it to your "Bucket List" and head west for a wonderful weekend getaway.

P.S. I would just like to say thanks to my readers who have actually read and commented on my first two articles.



  • Jane 5 years ago

    Great article. Almost makes me want to own a Harley!

  • Theresa Leschmann - St Louis Day Trip Examiner 5 years ago

    The food and wine sound wonderful. I can almost imagine being in the kitchen. Maybe I'm just hungry;)

  • Pauline Dolinski 5 years ago

    New Mexico really was in the wine business early. I enjoy visiting wineries and tasting, so I'll have to watch for the St. Clair vineyards.