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Oreo introduces 2 new flavors: Cookie dough and marshmallow crispy

Oreo cookies has been the cookie of choice to dunk in cookies for decades. The cookie could almost be described as a mini sandwich and the beauty of this yummy treat is that it has become a pop culture phenomenon. The Oreo cookie world has expanded to add two new flavors. The New York Daily News announced on Thursday announced that cookie dough and marshmallow crispy will be coming to the grocer’s shelves in the very near future.

Keeping to that pop culture theme, the Oreo cookie will officially be introduced on a commercial during the Grammys on Sunday. Looking to have a little fun with the new flavors, the company will be announcing a hashtag can use online to try secret flavors before the rest of the country.

This isn’t the first time that Oreo cookies have had a flavor change. While the chocolate and vanilla cookies are staples on the grocer’s shelves, there have been a couple of exotic flavors too. Last year people got to taste Watermelon and Candy Corn Oreos.

The new cookie dough and marshmallow crispy will be for a limited time as well, unless America goes crazy over the flavors and if that is the case then there is always room at the grocery store for one more type of cookie! They say Oreos are as addictive as cocaine; if you add in cookie dough, what do you call that? Heaven.

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