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Oreo cookie day is March 6

Oreo cookie day is on March 6. Oreo cookies are the cookies with two chocolate wafers with icing in the middle. The Oreo cookie brings delight to children and adults alike.

The Oreo cookie originated in 1912! Nabisco had no idea how popular it was going to be! In 2006, they replaced the trans fat with non hydro vegetable oil.

The origin of the name Oreo has little facts. It's said that it comes from the French word Or which means beautiful. But there is no doubt that Oreo is a household name.

Oreos tend to bring back memories for adults. Who can remember the first time twisting off the chocolate wafer and licking off the icing? How about the excitement of double stuff which means twice the amount of the delicious icing!

Celebrating Oreo cookie day can be fun and creative. Try an Oreo cookie sundae, cake, milkshake or ice cream with the family. Introduce a child to the beauty of twisting that Oreo top and licking the icing.

Happy Oreo Day!

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