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Oregonian gem: Stepping Stone Cafe


See?  Mancakes are bigger than your head.  Photo by Brandi Burgei.

Stepping Stone Cafe, located on the corner of NW Quimby and NW 24th, is a must-go-to spot for any breakfast guru.

Located in the Northwest district of Portland, Stepping Stone is best known for its Mancakes.  Adam Richman, from Travel Channel's Man Vs. Food, paid this place a visit because of the pancakes that are literally bigger than your head (see photo on right).

And guess what?  You can buy beer here...during breakfast.  Cracking open a cold PBR while munching on a syrup-drenched, butter-saturated cake of man and batter never sounded so good.

In addition to the Mancakes, Stepping Stone offers some traditional breakfast staples, as well as some original dishes.

So to experience a true, old-school diner experience, check out Stepping Stone Cafe.  But get there early; there's usually a line outside the door.


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