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Oregon Zoo loses beloved orangutan Kutai

The Oregon Zoo has lost a beloved member of the facility family. According to a Jan. 5 report, Kutai the orangutan has passed away.

Facebook:  Oregon Zoo
Kutai the orangutan

Kutai was 20 years old. The zoo’s head veterinarian said they have been treating the orangutan since he became ill last month, including helping him from two surgeries they hoped would heal him.

Kutai was born in 1993 at a Kansas Zoo and has been at the Oregon Zoo since 2001. His 54-year-old grandmother still lives at the zoo.

The zoo staff and patrons are sure to miss Kutai, who was described as “sweet, but mischievous.”

Portland writer Nicole Ramage wonders what is up is going on. She says there have been several animals reported as dead or missing. “There are no wolves now, no peacock, no elk or moose, no zebra, and now the orangutan is dead. All of these within a two year span. Something doesn't seem quite right to me about all this. Is it too cold for all these animals?”

Have you noticed your favorite animals missing from the zoo? How do you explain the loss of a beloved animal friend to a child?

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