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Oregon Zoo loses an orangutan

Kutai the 20-year old orangutan has died after complications from an illness.
Kutai the 20-year old orangutan has died after complications from an illness.
Oregon Zoo

On Jan. 7 KGW reports that the Oregon Zoo has lost its 20-year old orangutan, Kutai. He was suffering from an illness and even though the zoo staff and veterinarian tried helping him through two surgeries, he passed from complications of the illness. So far, there is no word as to what illness he was afflicted with that caused such serious complications. He had been battling the illness for over a month. Orangutans have inflatable air sacks along the side of the neck that are prone to infection. This may be the case with Kutai. He was treated with antibiotics last month, which he seemed to be responding well to, until Saturday morning, his health took a sudden decline. At one point it was thought he might have pneumonia, but the cause of death won't be official until the necropsy (animal autopsy) comes back with a definitive answer.

Kutai arrived in the Oregon Zoo when he was eight-years old in 2001. Born in Witchita, Kan., he made the trek with his grandmother, Inji, who survives him and still lives in the Oregon Zoo at 54. Kuntai was described as the engineer of the zoo family, mischievous and loving. He would always take things apart and turn them into his own toys to play with. many zoo goers are also grieving alongside staff as Kutai the Orangutan touched many hearts.

Some Portlanders can't help but notice that there are several animals that have either died or been moved or placed elsewhere in the past couple of years. There are no longer wolves, elk, a peacock, zebra, and now, the orangutan has passed. While the zebra and orangutan were sick and old, not many remember hearing about how or where the rest of the animals have gone.