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(Updated) Oregon school district segregates parents by race

Parkrose School District: African American parent night invitation
Parkrose School District: African American parent night invitation
Parkrose School District via newsninja2012

*See update below.

An invitation for the upcoming "African American Parent Night" at the Parkrose School District in Portland, Oregon says in part,

"If you are an African American parent/guardian or have an African American student attending Parkrose you are invited to attend an evening with the Superintendent..."

A representative from "Covered Oregon" will also be in attendance to give a 45 minute presentation on Obamacare.

The school touted additional "Upcoming Culturally Specific Parent Outreach Nights" on a Facebook post, including Hispanic Parent Night, Vietnamese Parent Night, and Slavic Parent Night.

Slavic Parent Night?

Jim Ferretti of a local radio station, KXL, asked the question, "Is this type of meeting the school district should be having?" The incomparable Wayne Dupree discussed the bizarre parental segregation on his website.

Wayne Dupree told the Examiner that he is "outraged" that "at this day and time a school system has the audacity to segregate parents on color of skin."


The Parkrose School District responded to the controversy by saying in part:

"Parkrose School District has been holding culturally-specific parent events for the last few years. We know that we need to intentionally reach out to all the elements of our Parkrose community so that we hear the concerns and interests of all our parents. We have found that we have more parents participating when we hold both general parent nights and culturally-specific parent nights. We discuss the same information at each of the meetings. These are all public meetings all Parkrose families are welcome to attend."

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