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Oregon house cat holds family hostage

Lux held his family hostage in a bedroom
Lux held his family hostage in a bedroom
CBS screenshot

A house cat who terrorized his family is in hot water after police had to be called to rescue them from a bedroom in their home, CBS News reported March 11.

This situation took place in Portland, Oregon on March 9 shortly before 8 p.m. At The Yards at Union Station complex on Northwest Naito Parkway in Portland, Oregon.

Even the dispatcher was unable to believe what owner Lee Palmer was describing when he made the emergency call. Lux, a 22-pound Himalayan, was reported to have attacked their 7-month-old son, and when Lee kicked Lux away from the baby, the large cat retaliated.

This forced Lee and his girlfriend Teresa Barker, to lock themselves in a bedroom along with their dog and call for back-up. After the dispatcher confirmed the child didn't require emergency medical attention, police were called in to help.

The 911 emergency call can be heard here. Palmer told dispatch that

"He's kind of a violent cat already, but he's really bad right now. He's charging us. He's at our bedroom door.You hear him screaming? That's the cat."

This scenario reminds me of past comedies I've enjoyed on TV and DVD's where the family pet goes berserk, causing the family to hide from the "star" of the show. Except this is a real life experience that may cause the displacement of the family cat.

Teresa said in an interview with KOIN that Lee did strike Lux after the cat scratched their son, but believes the cat was only being protective.

Officers arrived on scene and Lux ran from the bedroom door to the top of the refrigerator. Officers were able to capture the cat using a dog snare. Lux was then placed in a pet carrier until he calmed down.

Now the family is discussing what the future holds for Lux. Since he's obviously very jealous, or protective, of the new baby, this is a serious problem for a family. They really want to keep Lux, as he's a member of their family, but they don't want to endanger their child.

Right now they're monitoring their cats behavior, and hoping a peaceful solution can be worked out. The article doesn't state how long Lux has been in the family, but I feel (and hope) this is an isolated incident.

Do you believe Lux should be placed in a home without a young child, being that toddler's can be even more provocation for a cat to lash out? Or is there a peaceful way to solve the problem, perhaps some type of cat therapy.

Can you imagine how many panicked parents this incident has created? Not only with those expecting a baby, but those who may already have a baby or toddler.

Please leave a comment with any advice for the family.

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