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Oregon energy plant burns aborted babies to generate electricity for the state

Oregon burns aborted babies, amputated limbs and human tissue to generate power.
Oregon burns aborted babies, amputated limbs and human tissue to generate power.
Wikimedia Commons

The next time you click on a light switch you may find yourself with a pit in your stomach once learning how the electricity was generated for your Oregon home or business. Remains of aborted babies, amputated limbs and cancerous human tissue are used in a waste-to-power facility that provides electricity for the people of Oregon, according to LifeSiteNews on April 23.

The British Columbia Health Ministry admits that these are the types of human waste transported from their medical facilities to a power producing plant in the U.S., one that supplies power to the state of Oregon. The human tissue is incinerated and turned into energy while using the utmost care to follow all the “biochemical waste” health and safety protocols.

The Gateway Pundit reports today that this is a shocking reveal, using aborted babies to burn as fuel to generate electricity in this country. This medical waste has to go somewhere. It is almost the same thing as if you were using the process of cremation, which is a perfectly accepted means for disposing bodies.

The waste is burned in two massive furnaces at 2,000 degrees. The heat that it generates is transferred into water tubes. This creates the steam to drive the turbines, which in turn generates the electricity.

Biomedical waste ends up at the Covanta Marion waste-to-energy facility because it is the only facility that powers the grid using biochemical waste. An email from the British Columbia Health Ministry confirms that waste is transported to that facility. Kristen Mitchell, executive director of the Oregon Refuse and Recycling Association reports that the Covanta-Marion facility confirms that it still burns the waste that comes in from British Columbia.

Back in 2007 an article in the Willamette Live, oddly titled “Burn, Baby, Burn,” reported that this waste facility burns about 800 tons of the biomedical waste per year. The waste is transported in sealed boxes and put on the conveyer belts at the facility where it is layered with the other solid waste before entering the furnaces.

Back in 2007 locals were concerned about the omissions coming from burning human tissue. They worried about breathing “toxic omissions.” They were assured that this is not the case.

It is not something that most think about, but the severed and amputated limbs, tissue taken out of a human body during surgery and aborted baby fetuses have to go somewhere. They are basically cremated in these furnaces. It just so happens that the heat this biomedical waste produces is used to generate steam that churns the turbines for producing electricity.

Last month a story broke in Canada that reported 15,000 aborted babies were burned in the incinerators that supplied power for British hospitals. This was shocking news to many, but now it is learned that the same practice is going on here, in the United States.

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