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Oregon dumps Cover Oregon and opts in with fed site

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As the Obamacare debate continues to rumble the halls of Congress, Oregon once considered a model for state enacted health care reform, reported on Friday that it would most likely scrap the problematic “Cover Oregon” online health exchange, opting into the federal exchange.

According to Cover Oregon official Alex Pettit, “fixing the current Oregon online registration system would cost $78 million or more, would take too long to implement and would be too risky,” said Pettit.

Pettit shared with the A.P., that Oregon’s policy exchange is seen as the worst of a dozen states that developed their own online insurance market places. It will cost Oregon taxpayers an estimated $4 million to tag onto the federal registration system.

Opinion: According to the Obama administration, as of March, 8 million Americans have taken advantage of the federal exchange and either secured health care insurance, exchanged existing policies, applied for Medicare or opted out of Obama Care. What I don’t understand is why in the land of Intel, Microsoft, Symantec and other software giants, can't the state of Oregon and the federal government for that matter, succeed in designing an online registration and exchange interface that performs perform flawlessly?

While Obama pats himself on the back for a system that he claims is working well, millions of working Oregonian and American families remain uncovered. some due to frustration with the registration process, others for lack of monetary funds.

According to interim executive director of Cover Oregon Clyde Hamstreet, to date Oracle, the software designer of Oregon's online registration program, has been paid $134 million in federal grant funds for the creation of the botched online interface. Perhaps Oracle should be held accountable, refund what remains of those funds while paying to transition Oregon into the federal exchange system.