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Oregon crash kills 200 sheep: Most dead on scene, others euthanized

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A highway crash in Oregon has taken the lives of 200 sheep that were being transported in a livestock trailer when the truck crashed and rolled over. The crash killed most of the sheep and some of the others were euthanized on the scene at the direction of the owner, according to the New York Post on Jan. 14.

The crash occurred Friday morning on Highway 226 near Scio, which is just south of Salem, Oregon. The truck and trailer left the roadway and flipped onto its side, reports Lt. Gregg Hastings. The trailer was carrying more than 300 sheep.

The driver may have suffered a medical emergency causing him to lose control of the truck. He was taken to the hospital but was reported to have non-life threatening injuries, according to the Oregon State Police website.

The animals in the crash caught the eye of passersby who stopped and helped police and firefighters remove the sheep from the trailer. Oregon State University College of Veterinary Medicine sent veterinarians and other personnel from the college to the scene to help.

The Oregon State Police posted a picture, which is seen above, on their Twitter account. You can see the lone animal walking off the truck, he was one of the lucky ones that lived. The owner of the livestock came to the scene and directed the veterinarians to euthanize some of the seriously injured animals, reports Newsday today.

The highway was not closed but it was slow going with all the emergency crews and people assisting in rounding up the sheep that were still alive. The owner's name and the driver's name are not available.

The crash site was confusing and a bit chaotic at first but people banned together and were able to separate the live sheep from the ones that died in the crash. While the majority of the sheep were killed or injured so badly that they had to be put down, some of the sheep did make it out alive.