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Oregon couple takes a cue from 'Breaking Bad' and pays tab with Meth

The Oregonian reported yesterday that a couple took a page from AMC's "Breaking Bad" and pulled a Jesse. The couple, who were suspected crystal meth dealers, ran short on cash last Thursday after eating a meal at the Twisted Fish Steakhouse in Seaside, Oregon. Therefore, they did what any self-respecting crystal meth dealer would do. They paid with their product.

Crystal meth now being used to pay off restaurant tabs
Photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images

Benson and Manley were paying for their meal with a gift card and did not have any cash on them to pay their tip. They decided to offer the waitress an envelope with a question mark on it containing crystal meth. The waitress was a good sport about it by not showing her shock at finding the meth in the envelope. Instead, she calmly walked away and called the Police.

One would think that by paying for part of your bill with an illegal substance that you cooked yourself, you would promptly leave the restaurant. When dealing with addicts and dealers you can never expect rational thinking to enter into the equation. As a result, Bensen and Manley were still at the steakhouse when police arrived.

To make matters worse, authorities discovered over 17 ounces of meth in Manley's purse. Later, a warrant was obtained to search through the couple's room at the Holiday Inn Express and police found a makeshift meth lab in the room. This Examiner is pretty sure meth lab is not one of the amenities the hotel offers.

The couple has been formally charged. Benson is charged with possession and manufacture of methamphetamine. Manley is charged with possessing, delivering, and manufacturing methamphetamine. I guess these two did not pay enough attention to "Breaking Bad", when Jesse paid for his purchase with meth, he left the store, he did not linger.

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