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Oregon company’s invention could save Soldiers

Oregon company’s invention could save Soldiers
Oregon company’s invention could save Soldiers

Innovative RevMedx, a transformative medical company in Wilsonville, Oregon, believes it can save hundreds of lives, on and off the battlefield, with their newest product, Xstat.

Xstat looks pretty “old school”; basically a pocket-sized syringe filled with pellets perfectly sized for injecting into a wound. The pellets are specially coated, biodegradable sponges designed to absorb blood and not have to be removed.

The cost of each syringe is approximately $100.

While the website declares it can heal a bullet wound in 15 seconds, more accurately, it will stop the bleeding in 15 seconds allowing the body's healing process to begin, a huge bonus for medics, civilian first-responders and most of all, the patient.

With hemorrhaging the leading cause of deaths on the battlefield, Xstat could immeasurably boost survivability rates keeping warriors from bleeding out before they reach a medical facility.

Blood clotting agents aren't new; Celox, QuikClot, and similar products have been used in hospitals and by combat medics for years. Typically, they come in pouches or something equally unwieldy to use when seconds count.

The injectable delivery system of XStat could be the hands-on answer for corpsmen and medics tasked with saving the lives of their combat brothers and sisters.

RevMedx press-release:

When RevMedx submitted its application to the FDA, the U.S. Army attached a cover letter requesting expedited approval. RevMedx and the military are now in final discussions with the FDA.

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