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Oregon child care providers will have to choose medical marijuana or a job

Oregon child care providers choose medical marijuana or job
Oregon child care providers choose medical marijuana or job

Oregon home-based day care centers now will have to give up their medical marijuana cards or lose their licenses to provide child care according to FOX12.

Oregon child care providers to choose medical marijuana or job

Wednesday, a state board voted unanimously to revoke permission given to a few childcare providers who were allowed to use the drug with medical marijuana cards with provisions on their licenses.

People in support of medical marijuana are up in arms after the vote because child care providers aren’t prohibited from using medications, including narcotics.

The rule is in effect immediately and will last six months, giving The Early Learning Council time to consider a permanent rule in January after voters decide whether or not to legalize pot in the state of Oregon.

This all comes after the owner and manager of Alphabet Academy Learning Center ( were caught on camera taking breaks from their jobs where they provide for other people’s children to take hits from a bong as tall as a preschooler. Owner, Moriah Jaeger and manager Charity Araujo defended their stance stating that they have their medical marijuana cards and toking off of a big glass bong is the only thing that eases their migraines.

This sparked confusion between whether or not a child care provider can also have a medical marijuana card in Oregon is. The recent video of child care workers from Alphabet Academy Learning Center in Salem smoking a giant bong during business hours in Salem has shined a spotlight on the subject, and Governor Kitzhaber has taken a stand saying if your medication is marijuana, you should not run a child care.

Shanna Aldis, owner and operator of Precious Little Lambs in Salem issued this statement, “No child care provider under the influence should be allowed to be in charge of the supervision of children. This should also include teachers and head start, anyone responsible for children. But I believe that child care providers should be allowed to have their cards if their doctor approves it. I personally do not smoke marijuana. I use a cream for my chronic pain. I have 4 protruding discs from caring for children for over 20 years. The parents of the children in care has been very supportive and all my parents have chosen to stay enrolled. As a provider our homes and life’s are ran by rules and regulations but when the child care closes at the end of the day our personal life should not have to continue to be under the child care regulations.”

The Governor’s spokesperson stated, ““The Governor’s priority is making sure children in child care and early learning programs are in healthy environments and actively engaged in learning.”

Needless to say, the bong in question has sparked a wildfire in Oregon ablaze that will not soon be snuffed out.