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Oregon black Lab rescued after spending three days stuck in mud

Oregon black Lab rescued after spending three days stuck in mud-slide0
Tillamook Animal Shelter FB

The Tillamook Animal Shelter rescued a black Labrador retriever late last week stuck in the mud from the East Beaver Creek near Camper Cove. The dog had been heard whimpering for days; he had been wedged under a tree in the creek when the shelter manager pulled him out. The dog was starving, suffering from hypothermia and unable to use his hind legs.

Willie was starving, full of fleas and maggots after spending four days stuck in the mud.
Tillamook Animal Shelter

Poor Willie was infested with fleas and maggots.

The dog, now named Willie was rushed to the Pioneer Veterinarian Hospital. On Friday the organization's first update on Willie's condition came from the vet's office stating:

"He's still not able to stand, but ate breakfast and is drinking water! Dogs are amazing! We are calling him Willie because that's the name of the dog on swamp loggers."

According to the Tillamook Animal Shelter Facebook page on Monday morning, Willie will be traveling to Portland to see a specialist in order to determine the cause of his paralysis. The dog's owner has surrendered him because they are unable to afford the medical care Willie will need. According to the shelter, Willie will not be returned to the owner:

"He's going to need ongoing therapy and care after surgery or whatever it takes to fix him. This will be an expensive journey. The animal shelter can help get him through the first part with donations but we cannot take on long term care costs. It's unfortunate but we'll have to find someone to afford it."

In response to people asking about Willie's previous owner, the shelter has provided the following explanation:

"Please understand that there is much more to this story that I'm not going to air in public. The dog will get the best care possible and the best new home possible. We have to consider what's best for the dog, and that's exactly what we're doing."

Let's just concentrate on Willie's welfare now and follow the medical updates. If you would like to help with this sweet dog's medical needs, please click here. You can also visit their website for additional information by clicking here.

Get well soon Willie. We're pulling for you.

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