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Order wedding linens like a pro

Linen checklist
Linen checklist
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Order your wedding linens like a professional. Here is the information you need before your start to make calls and appointments:

  • Wedding reception date:

Why it's important: Call too early and prices may change between now and your wedding; Call too late and vendors may add a rush fee; Maybe the vendor is booked for your date

  • Reception venue name and on-site contact with phone number including cell phone:

Why it's important: Vendors may already be familiar with your site; May need to coordinate deliveries or setup with the on-site person in charge of your reception

  • Reception address including zip code:

Why it's important: Some vendors may not serve all areas; some distant zip codes may have upcharges at busy times of the year

  • Reception location or ballroom name:

Why it's important: Some locations (penthouse of a high-rise or upstairs with no elevator) may require extraordinary means and extra fees for delivery

  • Reception start time:

Why it's important: Unusual start times may require extraordinary measures to get goods or services to you

  • Reception end time:

Why it's important: This may be important if you or your venue require a pickup immediately after the reception

  • Does the venue require teardown and pickup immediately after the reception? If yes, do you want to pay your vendors or will you have family and friends perform this function?

Why it's important: Vendors must know if they are required to show up in the middle of the night with a crew to perform additional work. There will be additional fees for these services.

  • Color scheme and/or theme

Why it's important: If you know what you want, it helps narrow the field; if you don’t the vendor will need to allocate more time

  • Number of wedding guests

Why it's important: Gives the vendor an idea of scale

  • Type of food service

Why it's important: Passed hor d’ourves, buffet or seated dinners all have different requirements your vendor will need to take into consideration

  • Number of tables and sizes in inches for guest seating

Why it's important: Gives vendors an idea of the quantity and sizes of linens and centerpieces needed

  • Number of tables and sizes in inches for cake tables

Why it's important: Gives vendors an idea of how many linens and décor needed for the cake(s)

  • Will you need table linens for any of the following? If yes, how many and in what sizes:
  1. Book table
  2. Sign in/assignment table
  3. Gift table
  4. Portrait table
  5. Remembrance table
  6. Sweetheart table
  7. Wedding party table
  8. Head table
  9. Family table
  10. Cocktail table
  11. Buffet service
  12. Dessert / candy buffet
  13. Favors
  14. Bars
  15. Drop tables
  16. DJ table(s)
  17. Other

Why it's important: Vendors need to know what additional linens and décor will be needed to complete the setup. Accounting for these tables in the beginning helps keep the budget in check. Ask your venue and various service providers if they provide any of their own linens to make sure the tables are covered in the way you want and expect them to be covered.

  • Do you have a fabric type or style of linen in mind?

Why it's important: If you have your heart set on something the vendor doesn’t carry, you can save yourself a lot of time. On the other hand, be open to new ideas or money saving alternatives

  • Are you planning to cover or decorate the chairs?

Why it's important: If yes, your vendor will want to know what you have in mind for chair décor.

  • What type of chairs will your venue have?

    • Banquet chairs (metal frames with padded back/seats)
    • Folding chairs
    • Chiavari chairs (upright chairs that look like they are made from bamboo)
    • Ghost chairs (clear acrylic chairs with or without arms)
    • Other style

Why it's important: Different kinds of chairs require different sizes and styles of chair covers?

  • What is your most important consideration:
  • Price
  • Results

Why it's important: To stay within a strict budget compromises will undoubtedly have to be made. Your vendors can help you by scaling back, offering more basic alternatives or showing you what services you can perform yourself. A full service wedding reception costs more in dollars but much less in time and stress for the bride and her family. Be upfront with your vendors so they can provide the level of service that meets your needs.


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