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Order fulfillment should be more than just shipping

Do you sell on eBay?  If you sell on eBay you have probably at least sold one item on the eBay site and would like to grow your business where you have more money than you know what to do with.

A great place to start the growth of your business is in the order fulfillment department.

Many new sellers on the site think when a buyer pays for the item all you need to do is ship the item out and that is it.  In actuality there should be more effort and time put into your order fulfillment process to grow your eBay business.

The first step you should do (if you have not already) to grow your eBay business is to subscribe to Seller Manger.  Seller Manger is free to all eBay sellers and is a great tool to help organize and manage your listings, sales and order fulfillment process.

When you receive notification an item of your sells by default eBay sends an invoice to the buyer.  There is no need for you to rush to your computer and send out an invoice.  if you do, then your buyer may feel harassed for a payment by getting an invoice form eBay then from you.  I normally wait 48 hours and if the buyer has not paid then I will send out an invoice.

When the buyer has paid for an item, through eBay's Seller Manger and Seller Manger Pro you should send them an email confirmation that you have received their payment.  This can be done with the pre created and customizable email templates.

If you print postage for your orders through PayPal or eBay your buyer will be notified when you print the bale the tracking information.  What I suggest doing is using the email templates available through Seller Manger and Seller Manger Pro is sending the buyer an email when you actually ship the item.  For example I watch out of my office window and when I see the shipping service pick up the packages, I log into my eBay account and through Seller Manger I quickly send the buyer an email letting him or her know the item has shipped.

I would also suggest you send a follow up email about a week after you ship the item (longer for International orders) to touch base with the buyer and remind them you are here if they have any problems.


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