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Orcs Must Die!, NBA Jam and Dreamcast games added to Xbox LIVE Arcade

Xbox LIVE Arcade was updated with four new games this morning, October 5. Xbox 360 owners have their choice between an orc-filled tower defense game, an updated NBA Jam or two updated Dreamcast games.

Kill a horde of orcs or take it to the rim this week on Xbox LIVE Arcade.
Robot Entertainment, Electronic Arts

Orcs Must Die! is a tower defense game where you are actually defending the inside of a tower (fortress actually) from a horde of orcs. Lay a variety of deadly traps and use a collection of weapons to slay the green-skinned foes across twenty-four different fortresses. Orcs Must Die! is 1200 MS Points ($15) and is a 1.65 GB download. You can check out the launch trailer for the game in our video gallery.

NBA Jam: On Fire Edition updates the rim-shaking arcade sim from last year with bigger rosters, more unlockables, and more online modes. The game is also 1200 MS Points and weighs in a 851 MB. You can check out the launch trailer for the game in our video gallery.

Sega Bass Fishing found a home on the Dreamcast and returns once again for the Xbox 360. The game features eight different fishing locations and four tournaments to compete. It's not a particularly deep game but a decent old school arcade fishing game if that's in your wheelhouse. Sega Bass Fishing is 800 MS Points ($10) and tips the scales at 294 MB.

Space Channel Five Part 2 busted a move on the Dreamcast in a limited Japanese release but returns to the Xbox 360 complete with Ulala and a bunch of funky aliens who have taken thousands of hostages and forced them to dance. Players must copy the moves of their opponents in a rhythm-action game to free innocents from getting burned out by dancing. Space Channel Five Part 2 is 800 MS Points and 1.66GB in size.

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