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Orbitsun's Drunken Bingo: UK Edition at Four Green Fields Pub

This Wednesday!
This Wednesday!
On the Rocks Detroit

Have you ever had to do a school fundraiser to raise money for band camp, a French class trip overseas or to help pay your way to Cedar Point? Well, think of the Orbitsun's Drunken Bingo: UK Edition as a way for them to pay for their class to go to England. As the school year commences and the summer swings into action, The Orbitsun's will be heading off the the UK in July to play some gigs and need your help!

Now, if you've ever been overseas, you know the Euro is way more than the good ole US dollar these days. In order to help pay their way, Drunken Bingo will have two new additions this time around. Just for the heck of it, this Wednesday these rowdy lads are allowing you, yes you, to bid on what crazy antics they will pull while across the pond. In the Activities Auction, you can bid on any number of shenanigans for these guys to do, including drinking a yard of ale, eating pork pies and getting their pictures taken with a Beefeater. Afterwards, the guys will post pictures of them accomplishing each task to give everyone something to chuckle at.

The second of the new additions will be Brit Slang Quiz. For a small donation, you can enter for the chance to win a twenty-five dollar gift card for the fabulously famous Lucky Monkey Tattoo Parlor in Ann Arbor. As always, there will be free Drunken Bingo for great prizes as well as a performance by everybody's favorite rowdy band, The Orbitsun's. Come help these guys fund their way to the UK to spread their lunacy!

The event is this Wednesday, June 16 and the action starts at 9 p.m. Once again, it's FREE. Everyone twenty-one and up is welcome to attend.

Four Green Fields Pub is located in Royal Oak at Woodward Ave and 13 Mile road in the Kroger Plaza.

For more info:!/event.php?eid=123350924370694


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