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Orangutan Center now open at the Indianapolis Zoo

This orphan will be released back into the wild when it is capable of taking care of itself.
This orphan will be released back into the wild when it is capable of taking care of itself.
Photo by Robertus Pudyanto/Getty Images

The event that has captured the imagination of an entire city is now upon us. The Indianapolis Zoo is opening a remarkable and exciting exhibit that showcases orangutans. The exhibit is tagged with an impressive name: The Simon Skjodt International Orangutan Center.

The exhibit will open for the general public on Monday, May 24, 2014. Members only viewing is ongoing and started on May 21st. The exhibit is drawing nation and world wide attention. There are currently eight individual orangutans in the exhibit. Each is named and each display distinct personalities according to zoo officials.

The physical layout of the exhibit is truly a genius design. The animals are free to roam about their recreated natural habitats. Visitor interaction allows for up close and personal, but safe, contact with the animals. Portions of the exhibits delve into the physiology of the animals as well as their different personalities.

The exhibit has been called the most ambitious showing of apes anywhere in the world. Visitors can observe them through glass and also watch them over 80 feet in the air as the apes move through the tree tops. It is designed to stimulate the physical, social and intellectual well being of the apes. The center will become a renowned research center for the study of the endangered orangutans.

The zoo is easily accessible and the large parking are bus and RV friendly. Advance tickets are available online at reduced rates. Directions, open hours and ticket information are available at the Indianapolis Zoo website.