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Orange is the new white collar

White Collar Crime
White Collar Crime

Financial crimes are no laughing matter. The occur frequently in corporate America, and it’s usually an inside job. Most of the time it’s a low-level employee, and they are more likely to be in the accounting department than any other department.

Some common forms of fraud include paying ghost employees, misclassifying employees to avoid taxes, and various types of accounts payable fraud. It pays to keep up with the paperwork so these situations can be avoided.

With 60% of companies reporting fraud or attempted fraud in 2013, it’s time to learn the warning signs and prevention techniques. No one wants to treat employees as though they are untrustworthy, but fraud can be difficult to find and messy to clean up.

Check out this infographic for common forms of fraud, how to detect them, and how to prevent them. Share with your colleagues to raise awareness of common types of fraud.